Clothing Our Kids Staff


Bob Blouin – President, Executive Committee, Golf Co-Chair, Community Outreach Committee Liaison, Head Start Liaison (Bio)

Mike Wezel – Vice President, Executive Committee, Golf Outing Chair (Bio)

Merrill Cohen – Secretary and Treasurer, Executive Committee, Legal Liaison, Facility Director (Bio)

Heather Ennis Sells – Director, Marketing, Marketing Committee (Bio)

Diane Poletti – Director, Special Events Committee Co-Chair, Community Outreach Committee (Bio)

Debbie Polise – Director, Bulk Buying Committee Chair, School Liaison Committee (Bio)

Kyle Ricker – Director, Community Outreach Committee Co-Liaison (Bio)

Kaneisha Trott-Savage – Director, Community Outreach Committee Co-Liaison

Monica Anthenelli – Special Advisor to the Board Volunteer Perspective, Special Events Co-Chair

Karen Borges – Special Advisor to the Board Volunteer Center (Bio)

Kate Gibson – Special Advisor to the Executive Committee, Ex-Officio Board Member, Past President (Bio)


Mary Rio – Founder, Board Member Emeritus  (Founders Story)

Kate Gibson – Past President (Bio)

Jack Blannett – Golf Outing Co-Chair, Grant Committee, Community Outreach Committee (Bio)

Christophe Emmert – Executive Committee Legal Advisor (Bio)

Pam Fleuette – Advisor (Bio)

Chris Kellogg – Golf Outing Co-Chair (Bio)


Nicole Miller-Silicato – Oak Orchard Boys & Girls Club Liaison

Cheryl Parker

Kathleen Schell – Oak Orchard Boys & Girls Club Liaison

John Smith – Past President

Kimberly Wright – DAPI Liaison


Monica AnthenelliSpecial Events Co-Chair; New Volunteer Interviews

Sheila BardolQuickbooks Expert

Kathleen Blouin – Marketing Committee Chair, Communications Director, Golf Committee, New Volunteer Interviews, School Liaison Committee

Kathy Byrnes – Clothing Order Process Manager

Karen Cohen – Middle School Clothing Purchasing Manager

Mariam DouglasIT Support and Website Director, Marketing Committee

Robin Hartwell – Clothing Purchasing Manager, Golf Committee Recruiter and Graphic Coordinator

Janet Henderson – Clothing Data Entry Manager

George Hudson – Facility Coordinator

JeanAnn Hudson – Volunteer Center Manager

Kathy Lane – Community Outreach Committee, School Liaison

Sue Marquart – Volunteer Center Manager

John Mehrlander – Golf Committee

Cathy McKinney – New Volunteer Coordinator, Interviews

Ginny Moscowitz– Clothing Donation Thank You Scribe, Special Events

Susan O’Doherty – Head Start Outreach Manager

Ellen Osis – Database Manager

Ginny Palmer – Golf Committee

Kim Plum – Volunteer Center Manager

Deb Quinton – Graphic Design – Miscellaneous, Events

Joe Saunders – Sponsor Recruitment, Clothing Box Inventory, Golf Committee Golfer Coordinator, Panda

Tom Schultz – Golf Outing Co-Chair, Grant Committee

Becky Schumacher – Creative Director

Cathy Showell – School Liaison Center Manager

Jane Smeland Volunteer Center Inventory Manager

Gabi Tapkas – Golf Committee, Parade Boss

Jeff Tapkas – Bulk Purchasing Committee, Parade Engineer

Karen Thomas – New Volunteer Coordinator, Interviews

Peter Thomas – Grant Committee Chair, Sponsor Recruitment

Joe Tropiano – Graphic Design Manager – Golf Outing, Brochure

Amynda Verderame – Social Media Manager

Marybeth Vidunas – Print Production Coordinator

Jack Voith – Bulk Purchasing Committee

Eileen Wilkinson – Community Outreach Committee — Libraries

Jim Zilch – Golf Committee

Marsha Zilch – Grant Committee, Golf Committee

TBD – School Liaisons

TBD – Historian