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Our Mission

The mission of Clothing Our Kids is to improve the lives of at risk elementary school children by providing them with appropriate school clothing.

In Sussex County many children do not have essential school clothing which has a direct negative impact on their self-esteem, their school attendance, their ability to learn, and can lead to bullying.

It is our goal to assist these youngsters with an equal start in their early education and help them become successful students

Clothing Total Distribution

school YEAR

2016/2017 to date 16,112 items 3080 kids
2015/2016  16,102 items 3,582 kids
2014/2015 12,546 ITEMS 2,552 KIDS
2013/2014 6,451 ITEMS 997 KIDS
2012/2013 4,052 ITEMS 422 KIDS
2011/2012 1,468 ITEMS 147 KIDS
TOTALS 56,731 ITEMS 10,763 KIDS

Founded January 2012