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Rosalyn Daisey, January 2018
Hello Clothing Our Kids, I just wanted to say thank you for the clothing and shoes you have provided for our students at Richard A. Shields Elementary this school year (2017-2018). My student receiving shoes today was so happy and she was excited about the socks that came with the shoes. When she checked to make sure the shoes were a Wide and saw that they were, she was beside herself! Thank you for your generosity, your quick response and for being such a great organization. God's blessings to you for all the lives you touch and help. Sincerely, Nurse Daisey
Robert C., December 2017
I cannot say enough amazing things about COK. COK is a wonderful resource for children and I am so thankful for the service they provide. I am always amazed by all the clothes they donate to children and how quickly they deliver the packages. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
Rosalyn Daisey, RN, October 2017
Thank you Clothing Our Kids, Your organization is such a blessing and you are so quick in your responses in filling needs. I am so grateful on behalf of my students. We were only in our first month and students were coming to the nurse's office with needs. Thank you for all you do, thank you to your volunteers who tirelessly work to fill needs and thank you for your caring nature--only people who love and care would be willing to provide for the needs like you do. I am forever grateful to you, Nurse Daisey
Meleda L Jackson, September 2017
When I expressed the need for help providing clothes for my children I was expecting to get used clothes which was not a problem for me because anything was a help, but when I received my box of clothes for each of my children and opened it up and saw new and everything name brand I was so speechless. I felt blessed and so thankful that my children could go to school with new clothes and not be ashamed or picked on for wearing the ones that they had worn all last year. If it wasn't for your organization I would still feel ashamed that I did not have the means to get my children new clothes to start the new school year off with, so thank you so much. A students mother at Seaford School District
As the new school year 2017-2018 starts today with K, 3rd, 6th, & 9th graders attending school, I will deliver the clothing to families today. COK has made a difference in how I view myself and my role with families in our community. Schools often stress academics, but how a child sees themselves in relation to outside appearance compared to others, sets them off with a more positive self-concept. The higher their self-concept, the more they believe that they can do. Thank you over and over again..
Seaford School District/McKinney-Vento Liaison, February 2017
On behalf of Seaford School District/McKinney-Vento Liaison, We would like to thank you for your contribution of clothing to our families in need. Your support helps us continue in our mission and to assist those in our community who are homeless or our families in transition as we like to call them. Most of these families when they are evicted only leave with the clothing on their backs. When we see them in our office they are desperate and in need. Your organization has come through time and time again. In a matter of a day these families are clothed with 4 outfits, sneakers, hats, coats and gloves for each child. The tears that I see from their eyes as they pick up their bundle of joy packaged by your loving workers is sometimes overwhelming. Over and over again my families express that without your assistance they would be too embarrassed to send their children to school in the same outfits over and over. You and your organization bring back hope, dignity and joy to these families many times over. The generous support of individuals like you and your organization makes it possible for our School District to help our families during their time of need and stress and to make the community a great place to live. Thank you again for your support!
Seaford School District, February 2017
Clothing Our Kids helps build confidence in a child. When one of our students arrived at school with duck taped shoes, they immediately came to the school with shoes for the child. This child went from a frown & lowered head to a smile & head held high. The shoes were given privately, therefore classmates did not realize that the parent did not provide them. Through this wonderful organization, children criticized for their ill-fitting clothing can dress as their peers. Clothing is fashionable and chosen with love & understanding of children's needs from those working with Clothing Our Kids. They have helped many of our children at West Seaford Elementary, whose parents struggle to provide for the needs of their family. Clothing Our Kids helps lessen that financial burden. When children have bathroom accidents or drop milk all over their clothes, the nurse has the t-shirts, sweatpants, underwear, socks, and shoes provided to them throughout the year by Clothing Our Kids able to return to class ready to learn, without fear of negative comments from their peers
Michele Murphy, December 2016
From IRSD The (children's)clothing boxes were absolutely amazing!!! Thanks so much for your generosity! Michele Murphy Community Education Coordinator TOTS -PRE K PROGRAM 30207 Frankford School Rd Frankford, DE 19945 www.irsd.net
Cheryl Carey, September 2016
Can't thank Clothing our KDS enough for all they do for families at Phillip C. Showell Elementary. We just had a family lose everything in a house fire and CLOTHING OUR KIDS was who I thought of first. I KNEW they would come through for our family. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!
Rosalyn Daisey, R.N., September 2016
Hello Mary and Helpers, We are into the first month of school and the clothes at my school are reaching a low point! Thank you so much for your organization. I had a helper in this week on the day that there were three clothing accidents and with my depleted stock, my helper said, "What are you going to do?" I thought, "I don't know" and then I looked up and saw the Clothing Closet information on my bulletin board--I had forgot that I put it up on my bulletin board with the whirl wind of activities happening at the beginning of school. I am so grateful and appreciative for your help. Thank you so much and God bless your organization. Nurse Daisey:-) Richard A. Shields Lewes, DE