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R. Croce, Student and Family Interventionist, Milford Schools, June 2019
Thank you!!! I don’t think the student would ever request it on her own. She came into school today and her cat had gone to the bathroom on her book-bag and shirt, so we replaced those items. I think she will definitely benefit from a COK donation. Thank you!!!!!
R. Willing, School Nurse, North Georgetown Elementary, February 2019
Thank you so much- as always- I don't know what we would do without you all!!
J.Parks, School Nurse North Laurel, November 2018
Child is living in hotel. Child had urinary accident a couple of weeks ago and dad requested soap and water to clean her up with due to none at home. Shoes have multiple holes and soles falling off. Child is also obese so difficult for mom and dad to buy clothes appropriate for school.
R. Croce, msd, April 2018
I wanted to let you know we received the donation for this young boy. He was SO excited to receive all the items. At first, he didn’t realize they were all for him. When I told them they were for him, he smiled ear to ear. He LOVED the shoes and couldn’t wait to put them on. The next day at school, he looked so nice. He told his teacher right away about his new clothes. Thank you once again for your amazing support.
T. O’Sheilds, IRSD, January 2018
Thank you! The Nike's are beaten down and smelly because he has worn them all year even though they are way too big. I thought he would get a pair for Christmas but that didn't work out and the kids are beginning to move away from him because odor is becoming strong so I will welcome anything!
School Counselor North Georgetown Elementary School, December 2017
Yesterday a child came in with holes in her shirt and was wearing two pair of pants because the outside pants had holes in them AND she had a hole in her socks. She was a mess. I did reach out to her guardian who said she would really appreciate the help. She is not a girly girl and I made note of that on her referral. The other referral is for a 3rd grader who needs a coat only. Please let me know if you have any questions.
M. Kenna, School Nurse, IRSD, October 2017
Thank you so much! I am sure that as the season changes the family will be thankful for the clothing. Thank you for all that you & everyone at COK do to support the community.
M. Blades, School Counselor North Georgetown Elementary, September 2017
We had a students’ home burn to the ground today. Luckily everyone is okay but the family lost everything. On top of that, today was his birthday (12 years old). I have attached a referral for the 5th grade student.
Danielle, May 2019
I received a box from my child's school. I really appreciate it so much - a blessing. Thanks so very much. This is so great to have an organization to help the kids & families of our community.
Jewish Family Services, Delaware, November 2018
Thank you! Your support of Jewish Family Services of Delaware allows families and individuals to face their obstacles, develop their own strengths, and improve their lives. This is the kind of change that you make possible through your gifts to Jewish Family Services. With your generous donation of two hundred new items of apparel on 08/23/2018, you help provide a seamless system of support for children, teens, and their families. With your support, we will continue serving our most vulnerable populations in the true spirit of tzedakah! Thank you, Joanne Saltzberg, Managing Director Sussex