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Nurse Daisey, Lewes Elementary School, December 2022
Thank you Clothing Our Kids. You are such a thoughtful and generous organization. Thank you for caring for our children and their families. Your donation of clothes has been so helpful and I am so grateful for an organization like yours and for your support. Having back-up/extra clothes/underwear/socks in the nurse's office has been a saving grace for so many children. Thank you and bless you for all you do!
Anabel Ramirez, September 2022
Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de trabajo de Clothing our kids!! Ha sido muy gratificante recibir los paquetes que cargaban además de ropa el cariño y su bienvenida para nuestros niños. Todo les ha gustado mucho y de seguro lo disfrutarán. Gracias
Maria Edgerton Reed, Sussex Consortium, September 2022
To All Those at Clothing Our Kids: We can not thank you enough for the swimsuits! Your donation prevents our students from missing their weekly pool time, which makes a BIG difference for the individual child. We all really appreciate all that you do!
Cathie Wagner, Family Advocacy Committee, Family Promise of Southern Delaware, August 2022
Letter to Bob Blouin: On behalf of the Board of Family Promise of Southern Delaware, I am sending this letter of appreciation to you and your staff. I had contacted COK with a request for summer clothes and footwear for a 3 year old. The child and his mom currently reside in a safe house for domestic violence victims. As no one is to know their location, I picked up the clothing and met them in a public place. During a follow-up communication, I asked if the clothing fit her son. Her reply was: "It all fits perfect and the selection was very good. Thank you". Well....her reply did not surprise me as I could tell, from speaking with Karen, that Karen puts a good deal of her heart in her selection of clothing for each child. The devotion of your staff surely makes a positive psychological impact on the children you serve. Family Promise of Southern Delaware is heartened to know that you are an organization we can turn to in our efforts at helping families stabilize.
Erin Perry, Site Coordinator - PWES, July 2022
Thank you for always working with us and getting our kiddos what they need! You all provide an awesome service! Have a great summer!
Parent, July 2022
I just want to say thank you for giving my daughter clothing. It was very appreciated.
Rosalyn Daisey, RN, BSN, School Nurse, Lewes Elementary, June 2022
COK, You are the best. You not only are generous to our students needs, but you also surprised me today when I received the Hershey bar. How thoughtful of you to still give despite how much you give already. Thank you for your support and help. I know my students appreciate the clothing and I thank you on their behalf. God bless you for your kindness. Nurse Daisey:-)
Family Advocate, May 2022
Last week a member of our staff made a request for clothing and footwear for two girls - one 14 and one 10. Both wear adult size clothing and shoes, and both received the items within 48 hours of the request. We appreciate your devotion and generosity. A child who is properly clothed is freed from both physical discomfort and emotional discomfort of ostracization.
COK Donor, April 2022
Thank you for the work you do for our kids. I read the article in Cape Gazette. It is heartbreaking to know that there are kids in our State that are in such need and heartwarming to know that they can be helped by COK.
COK Donor, February 2022
Speaking for myself and our club, I can tell you that if we could only help one charitable group, it would likely be COK. Your organization is doing God’s work, and we’re happy to be a part of that in this small way.