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Susan Elder, BS BSN RN, October 2020
WONDERFUL!!! We are a new elementary school so having some clothes for our school and students is so appreciated. What a wonderful program. Thank you for the generous donation and helping our students and family during the school year!
Stefanie McElhinny, School Counselor, Lord Baltimore Elementary, October 2020
SO amazing!!! I can't thank you enough for this connection! So many families are struggling and this is an absolute blessing to have COK support. I already distributed the bags delivered recently and they were all so appreciative!! Thank you again!
Liz A., December 2019
On behalf of my 3 year old child Ian, I would like to thank you for your blessing to my family. He has received many things, and my child is very happy with everything. He got toys, super hero underwear (probably the thing he was most excited about), pants, shirts, a jacket,socks, gloves with matching hat, and MORE. Bless all the giving hearts that took part in this. I know I'm not the only person you did this too. But my child and my family appreciate everything you people have done. May God bless you in many different forms. Have a Merry Christmas and God bless ALL of you and ALL the Telemon Headstart staff. Thank you!
L. Hemphill, School Social Worker, RA Shields Elementary, September 2019
Thanks so much, you guys are the greatest!!
J. Lodowski, School Nurse, Seaford, August 2019
Thanks for all of your hard work, I truly appreciate the organization.
F. Shockley, Elementary School Counselor, Selbyville, August 2019
Here is our first order of the year! Please share a big thank you to Clothing Our Kids for all that they do for our students here at SDSA. Have a great day!
G. Ho, School Social Worker, Milton Elementary, June 2019
I can't thank you guys enough. The kid was ecstatic when I told him this morning!! Have a great summer if I don't speak with you again. I'll see you in the Fall.
M. Barrera Family Service Specialist Head Start Specialist Selbyville, October 2019
We truly appreciate what you guys do. Looking forward to see all those happy faces when they receive their new clothing.
L. Hemphill, School Social Worker RA Shields, September 2019
The student is in need of a pair of sneakers only. He has not been able to participate in gym class. Thank you very much!!!
R. Croce, Student and Family Interventionist, Milford Schools, June 2019
Thank you!!! I don’t think the student would ever request it on her own. She came into school today and her cat had gone to the bathroom on her book-bag and shirt, so we replaced those items. I think she will definitely benefit from a COK donation. Thank you!!!!!